Sunday, May 4, 2008

Movie Weekend and Cable Issue

Haven't seen any movies in long time since BEOWULF, and now that we got cable in the house with free SHOWTIME and ENCORE I got to catch some few flicks during my breaks from the drawing board.

There was GHOST RIDER, which was okay, not an Oscar winner of course, but it's decent. Nicholas Cage did fine as the blazing demon biker, and man, he sure loves playing nutso in all of his roles. I only caught the last half of CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, a Chinese epic with Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li, something about a power struggle amongst the royal family. The costumes and the scenery were spectacular, though most times I had to fight my eyes from trailing away to the overexposed cleavages on the women. @_@ Also it had the bloodiest massacre scene I've ever seen on the screen.

The main highlight of this week however was going to see IRON MAN in theater. The seats were jam packed and I had to sit separately from my parents. And I have to say, I really enjoyed the movie, the best superhero movie I've seen since X-MEN. Robert Downey Jr. played the part of billionaire weaponmeister turned robot savior Tony Stark just well; I heard previously that the part was originally offered to Tom Cruise or Nic Cage. The latter already has a superhero model, and he's a bit too nutty. Tom Cruise, bleh, he's waaay too nutty; surely he would've sent IRON MAN to the scrapyard. Before this movie I never really cared for RDJ, but now that's changed. Grrr, what is it with me and my weakness for the bad boy types??

A week before I had rented NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, one of gazillion movies I had put on my Must Watch list but have been too busy to go thru them. It was a great movie, one that really makes you think about the extent of violence in today's society. The archvillain of the movie was definitely not the one you'd want to cross, and don't let the god-awful haircut fool you. Not much I can say about Al Pacino's latest flick 88 MINUTES, it was such a bore I forget what the whole thing was about. Not to mention some really really crap acting; whoever the casting director was, he must've been on crack.

Now that we got cable in the house it's very likely gonna become a source of temptation to stray me away from my never ending endeavor to better my art skills. Yes I've come to like THE COLBERT REPORT and ROBOT CHICKEN and SOUTH PARK, to name a few, but they won't get the best of me. At least, not yet. I'm almost pushing 30 and I really need to get my priorities straight. It's gonna be a violent-but-not-so-bloody struggle between TV and I.

Wish me luck...

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Anonymous said...

The best scenery in "Curse" was Gong Li. LOL