Friday, April 25, 2008

Uplift Universe Project WIPS

Here are some wip of the project:

This is the initial concept sketches and studies. The whole idea of this project is to depict an alien/human relations, based on the popular Uplift Universe novel series by I forget his name. We get to interpret the subject any way we please. For me, I came up with an idea that sort of fuses CASABLANCA and BLADE RUNNER, two movies I'm familiar with but never saw. This one quote from the former kept boggling my mind: "Of all the gin joints she comes in here." (Humphrey Bogart says this). So that's how it all began.

Here is a more finalized sketch with annotation of the characters and the possible lighting sources. There's going to be a lot of light sources, and in different colors, all to evoke the nightclub atmosphere and mood in here. Now I've never done this extreme before, so this is gonna be quite a challenge.

Now I scan the sketch and bring it into Illustrator to get the basic layout of the bg. I try to be careful with the perspective cause that seems to be my weak point right now. I use different shades of the greys in appropriate areas to show how the lighting is going to work.

Once I'm happy with the overall look I export it into Photoshop and begin painting over with textures and large strokes. I'm working first in 72 dpi so it's easier to get down and dirty the basics, and later I'll bring in our cast and once I get done with blocking in the colors and shadows, I'll bump up the dpi and go into the detailing, which is going to be very laborious. I only have less than 3 wks left until the deadline so I need to move fast, and I also have to finish up that storyboard sets by end of this week.

But no matter how busy I can get I still manage to squeeze a bit of time to run down to D&B and play House of the Dead 4 again, hoping to better my score from last time (and this time with NO annoying kid interrupting me.) And oh, I lied in the last post; I actually had 189K not 157K, I miscounted. But that doesn't matter. I did just teensy weensy bit better this time, by 10K more, and my aiming got sluggish. But practice makes perfect they say, so in time I'll get to breaking the 200K mark. Meantime however I need to find another place that lets me play for cheaper; I cannot spend $30 every time, and I'm on very tight budget. X_X


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