Thursday, April 3, 2008

New painting - Dark Avenger

Another new painting of another old subject, this time I'm taking a brand new approach to it.

I started out with basic pencil sketch, using gazillions of ref pics (of myself) to get the pose and the hands right. I then take a purple wash over, blocking in the general shadows:

I then take a photo of it, cause the thing was done on a huge 14x17 Bristol paper (my paper of choice) and upload it into Photoshop, where I make adjustments with Levels to bring out the shadow/highlights more. I then run a little Dust/Scratch to get rid of any annoying noise (thanks to Dave Kendall for this tip). I also noticed the figure is a bit wonky, so i get out my Lasso and Free Transform and quickly give the figure a fix.

I now start blocking in colors on separate layer with mode set to Overlay:

More to come...

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