Tuesday, April 1, 2008

House of the Dead v. 2 final - update take 2

You know what? My perspective SUCKS!!

I take out the mighty Line tool and draw in the perspective lines.

I tweak the windows on the right side where the zombie pops in, and I add in some darker lines to define the doorway in the back.

And now that they pointed it out, Rogan's hair does look like a helmet so I fix that too.

I also put in a tad bit more shadows to the faces. There, I think that's looking better now.

Lesson learned: get your perspective straight, bum! (to myself that is. :p )

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NEIM said...

Howdy Ms. Lee! Geez, we gotta colaborate! You're stuff is always so good! I am truly amazed everytime I see your work!