Sunday, April 20, 2008

Break time - House of the Dead 4 review

I took a little break from drawing, I head off to D&B today (it's pretty much the only place that had the game I wanted) and try my luck with the Uzi in my second run. I did pretty well, beat the whole game with total score of 157,000+ and Rank 4. I could've done little better, and with lot less continues, had not some kid decided to jump it at the last minute (I was somewhere at around stage 5) and started spraying bullets amok and obstructing my view so I couldn't avoid the projectiles or incoming attacks, and he's a bad BAD shot too. It's especially worse during boss fights cause if you aren't aiming right you get hit hard. But anyway I still have lot to learn about this game and improve my skillz, so I'll just be watching some more HOTD4 vids on YouTube and refresh my strategies.

Now I'll just be eating my Famous Starz, do some chores, and continue my work...

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