Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wrapping up - House of the Dead v. 2

I've had about enough of this one. I want to end it now.

I've put the jumping zombie in a separate file again, and started painting in the details, overlaying it first with a rusty orange marble texture that gives it a nice ugly fleshy look. I desaturate it a bit so it wouldn't be too much of a standout.

I purposely put a dark bg on this one so I don't have to fight with the ugly transparent checkered bg.

Finally I put them all together in one room. The zombie jumps in thru the window upon our unsuspecting agents who are already having a bad night of their lives (not to mention some blood and bruises) and the last thing they need is an ugly rotting undead leaping up on them in a rather narrow corridor. How will this end? Well it's left to your imagination.

But that's not the end. I add in the broken glasses and wood frames, tinker a bit with Curves and Color Bal, paint in a little more cast shadows, maybe some cropping, and I think I'm done.

Course I can never call any art piece completely finished. As always something will come up, and when I'm not feeling so lazy and moody I come back in to make necessary corrections. But this week is starting of one of my 'moody days' so that's why I'm pretty rushed to finish this thing and get it off my bass. And on top of that I got to start up on my next batch of storyboards for the short flick, and I don't have much time.

Hope you enjoyed this. Ciao for now...

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