Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Continued - House of the Dead v 2

Continuing on...

I import the ai file into Photoshop, and I start laying out general lights and shadows on a new layer. I also make some adjustments to the shapes once I see that some of them didn't look a bit off, perspective wise, and I also add another window, the finished result looks like this:

Once I'm happy with it, I add some textures to the shapes. Now the textures are of old photos I've taken with my own camera, I have a small library of texture photos, (did not rip them off of internet, mind you!). I apply the Find Edges filter on the photos then put it over the appropriate shapes with Luminosity blending. I tinker around the texture shapes a bit with Free Transform to match up with the shapes underneath, so it looks little more realistic to the setting.

So far so good. I'll take care of the windows later, as now I must move on with the characters.

To be continued...

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