Sunday, March 23, 2008

Concept painting 2 - House of the Dead ver. 2

I've started on another House of the Dead based piece. This time there's two heroes, Thomas Rogan and his mysterious partner known only as "G." This one isn't going to be as complex as the last one, but should still show the intensity and mood of the game genre, or at least, that's what I'm trying to shoot for. The situation this time is the two heroes are greeted by a single zombie who makes a rather 'impressive' entrance into the room they're in. Kind of like a jumping at you, heart-stopping moment right there, just like in the game. Even though I played that game many many times I still get jumpy when the monsters dart out when least expected.

Here I start with several thumbnails, and did some studies with overall perspectives, comps, and final lighting placement:

Now I'm satisfied with that, I take it to Illustrator, and start blocking in the basic shapes of the bg. Notice I put different shades of color on each shapes, this is to sort of help me figure out the general lighting basics:

I'm gonna try to make this look like a workshop, going thru step by step of its progression to the final product. I'm not so good with writing, though, so hope you readers will bear with me, and try to understand what I'm presenting here.

To be continued...

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