Monday, March 3, 2008

Concept painting 1 - House of the Dead cont.

Continuing on from my last post.

Now that I'm satisfied with the layout, I import it to Photoshop and begin painting over, layering each pieces (post, ceiling, walls, etc.) with different textures and colors, and trying to get rid of the sharp crisp lines and shapes to give it a more natural look. I also work on the lighting and add in the appropriate shadows and highlights where necessary.

I decided to scrap the arched window and make it a standard square window, and I add in some broken glasses in the panels because this is a haunted house. I duplicate the windows and adjust each one with Free Transform tool. After some more painting, I flatten the layers and make adjustments with Curves and Color Balance and Hue/Saturations to give it a more dim bluish feel, before adding the final Unsharp Mask.

I've also added a rusty looking torn carpet on the floor. I might change it later depending on how the rest of the artwork goes. Now I'll be putting in our stars of the show, but that's another story.

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