Sunday, March 9, 2008

Concept painting 1 - House of the Dead cont. 4

Some more detailing.

Seriously, it's a $#!@ making that leap from the usual manga style to a traditional Western aesthetic. I've been living on the former for as long as I remember, and after my trip to the Comic Con last year I made the 'painful' decision to change my drawing habits, moving away from the cartoony to the realistic. I've spent the last eight months and let me just say, it isn't that easy.

Now I have made some fair progress, but this time, I must have spent the most time on the guy's face than any part of this painting thus far. The original looked like he's got Down Syndrome, something just didn't look right. The hero is in his early thirties and is stubborn and bad-tempered as a goose, and that's what I'm trying to show here. So, after some careful study of the human face, I did the Extreme Makeover treatment, and let me just say, it was one frustration after another.

My finger is pretty sore from the gazillion strokes of the brush over the bad marks. After what seemed like forever, it looks like I finally got the anatomy right, and he looks decent, for once.

The biggest hurdle was the nose. It still looked too flat, too pug nosed. You can only imagine how much I was banging my head on the desk after learning that all I simply needed to do was give the nose some volume with simple stroke of dark paint.

Here is the progression sketch. You can really see the difference:

before after after(nose fixed)

Frustration aside, I say this was truly a learning experience. I learn something new everyday with each stroke. And over time, I'm sure to find painting in this new style of mine easier and more accessible.

I think I done enough for a while. Let me get some rest before taking on the rest of the painting.


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