Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Concept painting 1 - House of the Dead cont. 2

So I'm satisfied with the set, now I put in the characters.

I drew the characters separately on the sketchpad and I scan them in. I place the figures in the set, and I notice they are a tad bit small, they are completely dwarfed in the whole image. So I grab some guide lines and set up a new layer titled viewfinder, and I trim down the whole image so the characters and the bg are of equal proportions.

So that set, I begin painting in the characters. The main man, Agent Thomas Rogan, is caught in the middle with four gruesome zombies closing in for kill, and all he's got to fight them with is his mighty small pistol (which, like in the game, doesn't seem to ever run out of ammos). I fill in with some light purple, so that I can see them without having to fight with the set. I lay down some basic lights and shadows with darker purple (since the overall image is going to have a bluish tone, the overall color will be cool). Then I put in a new layer and begin blocking in the colors for each figure, and set the layer to Multiply.

The Dark frame will eventually be cut out so don't worry about that. So the basics have been covered, now I'll start painting over them, the sketches will act as a guide and will eventually be covered up.

This is where I leave off for now, I haven't seen any movies for so long I've gone out and rented BEOWULF. It's got one of the most amazing animation I've ever seen in a long time. I highly recommend it. And eh, this is definitely not a movie for the young ones, so if you go rent this DVD, tell them to go to sleep first.

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