Monday, February 4, 2008

IFX Challenge #57 - Dinosaur

Yep, this week's challenge was exactly what the title of the entry says.

I was kinda doubtful at first, cause I never drew no dinos.

But hey, I gotta be able to draw anything, right? So what if I mess up, goof off, stump a little? There is always first time for everything, drawing dinos included!

So stop whining and pouting and get that pen ready!

Result: The four stages of Dinosaur Evolution.

A little cutesy this time. I say about almost 3 hours. Not straight of course. The first stage took 15 min, then I was off to church for about three hours, then another hour on the second stage, house chores for another half hour, another hour on the third stage, then little break to watch bit of Super Bowl, then half hour more on the final.
One of these days, though, I need to learn how to draw without taking so much damn long breaks.

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