Monday, January 21, 2008

Update - Character 3

So I was working on this piece for over a week. And well, something just wasn't coming out right, and my frustration is just building up. Finally yesterday I made a decision. Rather than fighting with what doesn't work, I tossed it out and started all over.
This is how it looked after I initially put in the color and the basic shadows. After a while I noticed his raised arm looked too forced, so I checked over my ref pic and tried fixing the shoulder.

So I fixed the shoulder so there's little more room between the face and the shoulder, and it looked a little more natural. I even fixed the coat to have more natural folds and creases. Still it didn't look the way I wanted it too, especially the face; I wanted the expression to have some sense of power and authority, but here it looks too blank, like he doesn't know what the hell he should do. After pondering and brushing over and over for long hours I decided it just wasn't going to work with this piece. "OFF WITH THE HEAD!" And now I've resketched and painted a whole new piece, which looks much better now, after careful study of the ref pic. I'll have to scan and upload the pic later to show you what it looks like. Meantime, gotta keep working!

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