Tuesday, January 22, 2008

IFX Challenge #55 - Android

I haven't done any of the challenges in long time, so finally today I took up my mighty pen and Photoshop and began drawing the next topic - Android.
I've been learning to draw cyborgs and androids as of late since I'm always drawing normal organic things. I should be able to draw just about anything, so why can't I draw robots too?
Well it isn't so easy to draw robots as it looks.
But I'm making progress. And for this challenge I decided to only do the head part since I'm not entirely confident enough to do the whole form yet. And nearly five hours later, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
Thought I try something cute and give the android a little freckles just to add some character to it. I learned a lot about metal rendering (ref. Henning Ludvigsen) and blender brushes in Photoshop (ref. Marta Dahlig) enough to incorporate them here, and it was a lot of fun.

Now the question- why EVE 8?

Well, kinda funny, I just suddenly was thinking about some of the eps of the classic THE X-FILES tv series and one of the titles was "Eve 8" which if my LTM serves me well, was about evil girl clones. And sounds pretty sci-fi, why not give this droid a name? Even though she's just a drawing on a piece of screen, she still has life, right?
So EVE-8 it is.

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NEIM said...

Impressive. You are so talented!