Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Character Art 2 - Arch Hunter

My latest piece, after going thru numerous revisions and sorts.

He's an old character I created back in my boring junior high days, when I was a four-eyed chunky tomboy loner who found solace in reading comic books (and still am). I've revived him for a twenty-first century makeover thanks to Photoshop. He's a cross between Mad Max and Dwight from SIN CITY graphic novels.

Struggled a bit with the bkg; I was trying to go for a chaotic disorderly look to fit in with the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the world this guy lives in. I like how the textures came out so far, but to some critics, it doesn't blend in well with the character. This is something I'll be thinking about for some time but for now I'll leave it to rest.

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