Thursday, January 31, 2008

One month down, 11 to go

Man, how fast time goes. It's already February. How it flies like bees.

Oh, don't even talk about bees now. Man oh man I been compelled to get those bee acupunctures for my allergies which has been haunting me and everyone else around me for many many years, and my face has just blown up. I could be the next Rodney Dangerfield, seriously!

Anyway, I got this storyboard job which has no pay, but has promise. Well, it's Star Wars, after all. Of course it's gonna do very very well.

More about it later...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Character Art 3 - Dark Avenger

So I spent half this week refining the latest artwork. As mentioned in last post, I scrapped the previous wip work of Dark Avenger and started over from scratch. And I'm posting here the number of process it took to get to the final result at the bottom of this post, with annotations:

And bottom here is the end result, after tinkering a bit with Curves and Color Balance, as well as reshaping the lips:

The hardest part had been the raised arm and the wrinkles on the coat, they were tough to pull off, and in a way, it still doesn't look right, but I feel I did lot better this time around. I'll save the effort of revising the problem parts later, after I get some much needed rest...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

IFX Challenge #55 - Android

I haven't done any of the challenges in long time, so finally today I took up my mighty pen and Photoshop and began drawing the next topic - Android.
I've been learning to draw cyborgs and androids as of late since I'm always drawing normal organic things. I should be able to draw just about anything, so why can't I draw robots too?
Well it isn't so easy to draw robots as it looks.
But I'm making progress. And for this challenge I decided to only do the head part since I'm not entirely confident enough to do the whole form yet. And nearly five hours later, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
Thought I try something cute and give the android a little freckles just to add some character to it. I learned a lot about metal rendering (ref. Henning Ludvigsen) and blender brushes in Photoshop (ref. Marta Dahlig) enough to incorporate them here, and it was a lot of fun.

Now the question- why EVE 8?

Well, kinda funny, I just suddenly was thinking about some of the eps of the classic THE X-FILES tv series and one of the titles was "Eve 8" which if my LTM serves me well, was about evil girl clones. And sounds pretty sci-fi, why not give this droid a name? Even though she's just a drawing on a piece of screen, she still has life, right?
So EVE-8 it is.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Update - Character 3

So I was working on this piece for over a week. And well, something just wasn't coming out right, and my frustration is just building up. Finally yesterday I made a decision. Rather than fighting with what doesn't work, I tossed it out and started all over.
This is how it looked after I initially put in the color and the basic shadows. After a while I noticed his raised arm looked too forced, so I checked over my ref pic and tried fixing the shoulder.

So I fixed the shoulder so there's little more room between the face and the shoulder, and it looked a little more natural. I even fixed the coat to have more natural folds and creases. Still it didn't look the way I wanted it too, especially the face; I wanted the expression to have some sense of power and authority, but here it looks too blank, like he doesn't know what the hell he should do. After pondering and brushing over and over for long hours I decided it just wasn't going to work with this piece. "OFF WITH THE HEAD!" And now I've resketched and painted a whole new piece, which looks much better now, after careful study of the ref pic. I'll have to scan and upload the pic later to show you what it looks like. Meantime, gotta keep working!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New project - Character Art 3 - Dark Avenger

I'm a bit on a roll today.

I've started another project. Another character from my old jr. school days.

First is the line art.

I'll have to show the ref pics for it later. That's where I actually got the inspiration for this one.

Character Art 2 - Arch Hunter

My latest piece, after going thru numerous revisions and sorts.

He's an old character I created back in my boring junior high days, when I was a four-eyed chunky tomboy loner who found solace in reading comic books (and still am). I've revived him for a twenty-first century makeover thanks to Photoshop. He's a cross between Mad Max and Dwight from SIN CITY graphic novels.

Struggled a bit with the bkg; I was trying to go for a chaotic disorderly look to fit in with the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the world this guy lives in. I like how the textures came out so far, but to some critics, it doesn't blend in well with the character. This is something I'll be thinking about for some time but for now I'll leave it to rest.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

January Speedpaint - Winterscape

As of New years, I've come up with a speedpainting project based on one theme that changes every month. I've set the max. time per image to no more than 1 hour, with at least one painting a week.

This month's theme - winterscape

So far I've done three, each at approximately 40 min each.

Impressive, huh?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Finished piece - Shrine 1/6/08

Finished from last image. I just continued on from what I started and did more finer rendering. Took me approximately 1.5 hours.

Basically a color-themed (purply) environmental exercise. I'm pretty pleased with the end results, though I'll probably get back to it in due time when i find another glitch here and there, but for now I'll leave it at that.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Start


To start off here is one concept speed paint. Done in one hour flat.

Final renderings is another session of its own. Right now is the idea of trying to nail down a basic look and feel of the overall painting from brain to paper. And that part should be done with deadline in mind. Will update later with final finished product.