Monday, November 26, 2007

ImagineFX Forum Challenge #1-Shipwreck

Ok, u see, this forum ( has this weekly or so 'challenges' for all artists, amateur or not, to submit their own artworks based on a particular topic chosen by whoever initiates it. I've heard how that helps a great deal to connect with all other like-minded artists and eventually build a network that could lead to big opportunities, like, jobs. But not only that it also helps to broaden an artist's spectrum of creativity and skills.

So after putting it off one time too many (like I always do) I decide today to finally take on the challenge. My drawing skills has started weathering out again, and I need to really sharpen up my digital art skillz as they seem to be a necessary commodity in today's competitive art world.

So today's challenge is: shipwreck. I get to draw anything I want based on that one word.

After almost an hour of mindless sketching and doodling, I finally come up with this. Note: this is stage 1 of wip, so don't snicker.

I guess the idea was a Siren-like deity figure who sings a lullaby in a midst of storm that wrecks a ship nearby. Whether she caused the demise of the ship is up to the viewer to guess.

I haven't really REALLY come up with exact elaborate design for the figure, so that's gonna take some time.

Hey give me a break. This is my first challenge after all.

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