Saturday, November 10, 2007

At long last! Some break...

I haven't been here in so long. The past several weeks I was in tight bind. Even since I took on that costuming task for the new show it's been like hell week every week. Took a lot of energy doing all the shopping, sacking the storage, altering, fitting, building, talking, talking, talking, yeah that's the worst part. I am never good at words, and trying to communicate with the cast and crew I felt myself stumping a lot. This last week, the dress rehearsals, was the worst worst worst! Coming home every night at past 11. And the last minute 'changes' liek what!! Just day before opening night they up and change a whole scene, and cut out one entire scene. Just turned everything upside down.
But how time flies so fast. It's as if it was only yesterday that I agreed to take on the role of Costume Designer. Tonight I go to watch the final finished product in all its faulous glory. Sure it was tough, I mean, really tough, but once I watch it tonight, I think all the sweat and toil is gonna be worth it. I hope, at least.

But I still get lots of hurdles thrown at me, no it's not about the work I've been doing. It's the work I CHOSE to do, seems that my family still don't think it's good idea I'm pursuing it. Sure, I know there are risks, the job market for this particular job is less than stable, and sure I may even go years without any employment. That's entertainment biz for you.

But I knew all of that, and still I'm willing to take the challenge. This way I can prove everyone wrong that I CAN do anything, I CAN accomplish something. I'm not that naive and stupid anymore to not be aware of the obstacles I'll be facing. I'm making plans to have alternatives to which I can always fall back on when I'm struggling with my primary boals.

And this project is just one step.

Never fear, my lady...

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