Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Photoshop Speed Painting Session 2

Some renderings of costumes for a play that I'm working on, as well as prepping for a school theater festival. I spent over an hour on this. But I'm getting good feeling that I'm getting a real hang of this painting on Photoshop. Despite the aching fingers because I have such cheap tablet. I can't afford any new Wacom tablet as of yet, as I've depleted my resources for some "unplanned" purchases. It sucks when money is in control...

In other news that wildfire all over SoCal is just doing no justice to the air and to my allergies. I keep waking up with sore itchy throat. Even as I look outside right now there is no bit of clear blue skies I used to see days before. It's all clouded with red smoke and I can even see ashes now covering my car.
I heard some of the fires were set on purpose by some jackass. I hope they catch him and give him the fourth degree for all the troubles and lost lives he's caused...just like that Esperanza fire a year ago where four firefighters died because some assclown thought it be fun to light up a mountain. I hope he's burning in his cell right now for his stupidity.

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